One of the best basketball players in the world, LeBron James was ejected from a game for the first time in his rich, 15 years long NBA career. After 1 298 NBA games, LeBron James was shown the exit during a win for his Cleveland Cavaliers against the Miami Heat.

James was ejected with one minute 59 seconds left in the third quarter, after entering into a heated argument with referee Kane Fitzgerald, because he was not awarded a foul on a drive to the basket. At the time, the Cavs were leading 93-70 and LeBron had scored 21 points with 12 rebounds, six assists and five steals. If you want to try your luck betting on NBA, use titanbet bonus code 2018 to boost your chances.

“I got fouled,” said James. “I showed my frustration to the ref and he sent me to the locker room.”

“I said what I had to say and I moved on but [Fitzgerald] decided I should get two [technical fouls],” added the basketball king.

“It is what it is. We got the win and that’s the most important.”

The victory was nevertheless elegantly achieved, with Heat losing 108-97 to the Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena, their three-game winning streak snapped. Cavaliers have now won nine games in a row, which is the league’s longest active streak. They sit third in the Eastern Conference with a 14-7 win-loss record.

The incident happened two minutes towards the end of the third quarter of the game, when LeBron James was in a duel with James Johnson, who according to LeBron got him fouled. While the leader of Cleveland Cavaliers missed the basket and Miami’s centre Hassan Whiteside caught the ball, commencing the counter-attack, LeBron ran towards the judge complaining about the foul. Instead, he got the exclusion.

Referee Fitzgerald later explained why he threw LeBron out: “It was a culmination of a couple different acts. Immediately after the no-call, he turned and threw an air punch directly at me, and then he aggressively charged at me, and then he used vulgarity in my ear a few times.” Fitzgerald also added that James was ejected “on one technical” foul instead of issuing a double-tech and that there was nothing he was aware of that fed into LeBron’s ejection in the third quarter.

In a video he recorded after the game, LeBron said jokingly of the ejection: “I think the reason that we won last night is because I’ve been a huge distraction to the team. And that’s why me getting ejected was best for the team.”

It is a spectacular accomplishment that in 1,082 regular-season games and 217 playoff games, James has never been ejected before. Hats up to LeBron.