emmys_0 Many actors and actresses came to the pre-bash. Modern Family stars Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter have really made an impression. Sarah looked great like always. Her curvy silhouette was perfectly showcased by a short glittering silver dress. She used to be brunette but her present blonde shade is really killing it. Sarah certainly looks beautiful with her should-length slightly waved hair.

We got used to Ariel being the little dorky sister who is barely old enough to go to college but she definitely looks like a woman. She flashed some cleavage wearing a lace black bra under a beautiful black dress. Don’t worry, she’s 18, she’s perfectly capable of making decisions for herself. Besides, Ariel looked gorgeous that night. Her on-screen brother actor, Nolan Gould joined Ariel on the red carpet for a picture. He is 17 years old now and wore a shiny grey suit with a patterned shirt.

Another name worth mentioning is Elizabeth Banks. She posed for photos with Zach Braff. They played together in a few episodes of Scrubs. She portrayed dr. Kim Briggs while Zach was the protagonist of the show, dr. John Dorian. Actress Constance Zimmer (House of Cards star) showed up as well wearing an off-the-shoulder crop top and some skinny black pants. She is 45 years old and is not afraid to show her feminine features.

If you are a Mr. Robot fan, you will be happy to learn that Rami Malik was at the pre-Emmys bash. The 35 years old actor wore a pair of skinny black jeans with a white shirt and black jacket. Simple yet stylish, especially if you take a look at his nicely polished shoes. He actually posed with Sarah for a couple of photos as they chatted inside the venue.